18 October 2008


London's Royal Academy will be holding a major exhibition on Byzantium from 25 October 2008 to 22 March 2009. I certainly plan to go during my Christmas trip to the UK. To go with the exhibition BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting a programme on Byzantium tomorrow (19 October) at 20:00 BST (GMT +1), which presumably will be available for listening on the internet for one week. (picture of mosaic taken from the Royal Academy's publicity for the exhibition)

The Byzantium section of Paul Halsall's Medieval Sourcebook is rather more up to date than the same author's Byzantine Studies Page.


David Derrick said...

Robert, If you're coming to London for Christmas, let's meet!


RWMG said...

Good idea, I'll be in the UK from 17 Dec to 9 Jan, based in Reading.