11 July 2009

First Birthday

Today is Matters Arising's first birthday. The first post in this blog was a year ago today. And my next post will be my 100th.

Thank you to those who have registered as followers:

Shadows of shadows in stone
Donna Farley of HALIWERFOLC
William Hone Jr. of symbolpond
Irene Hahn of Roman History Books and More
and отминал прах, a Bulgarian who has the linguistic advantage of me because I can't read Cyrillic.

Thanks also to David Derrick of The Toynbee Convector, Judith Weingarten of Zenobia: Empress of the East, and N. S. Gill of About Ancient History for reading along and posting their comments.


NSGill said...

Happy anniversary!

David said...


I am planning to make TC's third anniversary on October 1 the 1000th post. (Which sounds like point-scoring on mere frequency of posting: not meant as such!)

RWMG said...

Thank you both.

Not taken as such, David. I wouldn't have known this was the 99th post if I hadn't been looking back through the comments.

Gary Corby said...

Happy Birthday to Matters Arising!

RWMG said...

Thank you, Gary.

Shadows said...

Happy Birthday to a splendid blog. I look forward to more wonderful thoughts from you.

RWMG said...

Thank you, Shadows.