08 July 2010

Belated Welcomes

A belated welcome to new followers:

Amalia T. of Good to Begin Well, Better to End Well, who writes on mythology and history

Mufti G M of Lout de Chevalier, who writes in Indonesian about the oil industry, and has a great soundtrack

William Wolfe

Nachtigalle of Playground Canvas, who writes in German



Just Another Sarah

Georgia Memon


Nachtigall said...

thank you! :)

i really like your blog! i study art history in switzerland. :)

RWMG said...

Oh? Tell us what your blog is about, since I can't read German.

Nachtigall said...

aw it's just a blog about girly stuff such as make up and things. ;)
i do reviews on cosmetics from diff brands.

Zsuzsi said...

Wow, you are amazing... that was really kind. your blog is truly great, I hope you are proud of yourself and your work.
I have learnt so many great things from your blog. It is a joy to read. Your work is next to nothing. BRAVO! : )

RWMG said...

Zsuzsi, now I'm blushing. Glad you're enjoying the blog.