01 February 2009

My Follower

It seems I have acquired a follower. It rather makes me feel like I'm a Victorian maidservant liable to incur the wrath of her mistress at any moment, but never mind. My follower goes by the name of William Hone Jr. and is kind enough to describe Matters Arising as a wonder room. The description for his blog, symbolpond, reads "A journal in the spirit of William Hone about symbols, folklore, rituals, aesthetics, culture theory,and contemporary crap values and miseducation".

For those who, like me, have never heard of William Hone, he was an early 19th century pamphleteer and journalist whose satires against the government led to him being unsuccessfully prosecuted for blasphemous libel three times in 1817. The fact that the prosecutions were unsuccessful marked an important stage in the struggle for freedom of the press.

A biography of Hone, with a link to some of Hone's works.

The William Hone BioText has more on Hone and his works.

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I replied to you on TC on the bishops.