14 March 2009

Lucretia: The 18th to 20th Centuries

Having looked at Lucretia in the 16th century and 17th century, we now move on to some later pictures. Our first picture is by Mazzanti and dates from around 1730 and is in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Of the two 1750 paintings shown below, the upper one is by Casali and is in Budapest's Szépművészeti Múzeum, but does not seem to be shown on their website. However, another painting of Lucretia by Casali and dating to 1761 is now in Paris's Louvre. The lower picture here is by Tiepolo and is now in Augsberg's Staatsgalerie am Shaezler Palais, but again does not appear to be on their website.

Burne Jones painted a picture of Lucretia in 1867, although the image started off life as a design for a stained glass window. The picture is now in Birmingham's Museums and Art Gallery.

In the 20th century, Benjamin Britten wrote an opera called "The Rape of Lucretia". It is due to be performed in Philadelphia in June, 2009. An extract from the San Francisco Lyric Opera's production can be seen below.

This series of three posts by no means includes all of the Lucretias ever painted. You can see more pictures on the theme of Lucretia at:


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