09 July 2009

John William Waterhouse

Caroline Lawrence of the Roman Mysteries blog and associated novels draws our attention to the Royal Academy's J. W. Waterhouse exhibition, running until 13th September (so no chance of my seeing it, alas). In honour of the occasion she is blogging a series of posts on Waterhouse's work.

Others who won't be in London over the summer can see his paintings on two online galleries devoted to his works, here and here. The Victorian Web also has a section on Waterhouse (although they don't look like it, the list is actually a list of links to the paintings and discussions of his work). (public domain image of John William Waterhouse's Ophelia is from museumsyndicate)


David said...

I’m not sure I can see the point of Waterhouse. Your current Narcissus logo isn’t him, I think.

RWMG said...

I think Williams and Alma-Tadema share a certain sensibility which I enjoy.

My logo is Caravaggio's Narcissus.