15 July 2009

Tiberius's Villas on Capri

The emperor Tiberius left Rome in 26 AD never to return. For most of the rest of his life he stayed on the island of Capri, where he had 12 villas. Remains still exist of some of them. The best preserved of them is the Villa Jovis, or possibly Jonis, which was the largest. CapriWeb has four pages of text and some nice pics of the Villa Jovis, while Oebalus also has informative text and a floor plan. The University of Heidelberg's Archaeological Institute has German text with models of what the villa may have looked like.

The remains of another villa at Damecuta are also covered by CapriWeb and Oebalus (again with floor plan).

Thirdly, only Oebalus has information about the Palazzo a Mare. The Roman villa on the site of the Villa San Michele may have been part of this complex.

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